Hunter S. Thompson & Conan Drink Liquor, Shoot Giant Guns

Published:4:25 pm EDT, September 29, 2012| Updated:4:25 pm EDT, September 29, 2012|

This is why Hunter S. Thompson is the most awesome human being of all time. A few years back, Conan O'Brien wanted to interview him, but he refused to go to the studio. Instead, he insisted that he'd only do the interview if Conan came out to a farm to drink hard liquor and fire large guns.

The results are hilarious and something that should be shown to all future generations to show how badass people once were. Irresponsibly large guns, absurd amounts of alcohol, and Hunter S. Thompson yelling, "F**k you, bear!" What could be better?

Nothing, the answer is nothing.

My favorite part is the bartender/butler/gun caddy. I want one. Can I keep him?

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