Fake Bill Clinton is PUMPED for His DNC Speech Tonight

Published:12:04 pm EDT, September 5, 2012| Updated:12:10 pm EDT, September 5, 2012|

Bill Clinton Barak Obama
Every four years there is a battle between the GOP and Dem parties to see who will have a better National Convention.

The bad news for the Democrats: The RNC was last week and they set the bar pretty high.

The good news: If there is anyone that knows about bars and getting high it's Bill Clinton.

That's right, former U.S. president and all around manly man Bill Clinton is set to speak tonight at the DNC in Charlotte. There is a ton of buzz surrounding the speech, but as evidenced by his Twitter account, he doesn't seem to be fazed. (Big ups to one of our favorite fake Twitter accounts, @PimpBillClinton.)

Looks like Clinton is already planning on how to celebrate his speech...

A look into Clinton's preparation...

He might cut his speech short to catch the Cowboys' season opener...

And one from Fake Barack Obama...

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