‘We’re NASA and We Know It’: LMFAO Mars Rover Parody

Published:3:21 pm EDT, August 15, 2012| Updated:4:18 pm EDT, August 15, 2012|

Crane lower that rover
Crane lover that rover
Cane lower that rover

The science nerds at NASA know they're smart dudes and have been bragging up a storm since landing the Curiosity rover on Mars. Yea, yea, Nasa, but where's my moon colony already?!

As awesome as the landing of the Mars Curiosity rover is, that only means it's ripe to be made fun of, and possibly the first great video spoof of the event is Satire's LMFAO cover. The cover follows the crazy popular beat of "Sexy and I know It" but mixes in all the science-y space stuff that NASA is known for. Get ready to have this stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.

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