‘To All My Haters’ Chappelle’s Player Haters Ball Gets Remixed

Published:2:38 pm EDT, August 17, 2012| Updated:3:04 pm EDT, August 17, 2012|

"Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate"

One of Chappelle's Show's greatest sketches was the "player haters ball", and now it's been remixed with Tony Yayo's "Haters" into a instantly addicting jam dedicated to all things hatin'. As awesome as the clip is, it kinda makes me sad that we're not getting more of Dave Chappelle these days. Plus, anytime Ice-T is on the screen and it's not Law and Order: SVU related is reason enough to take notice in my book.

Send this jam out to all the haters in your life... hate, hate, hate.

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