The Worst Names For Mt. Dew’s New Flavor: Goat Juice, Apple Spunk

Published:11:46 am EDT, August 15, 2012| Updated:12:48 pm EDT, August 15, 2012|


So Mountain Dew has launched their new marketing campaign "Dub the Dew" and took to the Internet to find the new soda flavor's name. Such a great idea, because the web is filled with mature and creative commentators who would take this campaign seriously, right?

Apparently, nobody on Mt. Dew's marketing team has ever scrolled down to read the comments on a YouTube video. Putting the task of naming a new flavor for a product like Mt. Dew in the hands of the Internet has to be one of the worst ideas ever. Don't expect to see these names on the side of soda can anytime soon.

Dew Teeth
Shrek Pee
Yellow Snow
Mount n’ Dew
Hulk Spit
Hillbilly Fuel
Redneck Punch
Swamp Thing Saliva
Carbonated Urine
Green Pee
Fapple Apple
Martian Man Juice
Dew Death
The Official Drink of Detroit
Gremlin Jizz
Granny Apple Snot
Rotten Apple
The Green Plague
Diet Dew Dew
Apple Vomit
Hulk Vomit
Gremlin Vomit
Hillbilly Vomit
Swamp Thing Spooge
Apple Spunk
Mountain Don’t
Dew Dew
Yellow Drank
Death by Dew Dew
Dew Barrymore
Kermit Kream
Mountain Jew
Goat Juice
Snewp Dogg
Fructose Syrup
Mellow Yellow

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