‘Hot Cheetos & Takis’ Rap Says FU to Childhood Nutrition

Published:6:35 pm EDT, August 15, 2012| Updated:7:00 pm EDT, August 15, 2012|

Suck it, childhood nutrition.

A bunch of red-finger stained kids have unleashed a hip-hop jam dedicated to corner store junk food staples, Hot Cheetos and Takis. The video was produced by a Minneapolis YMCA that rewards students of the youth program who've completed their homework with the tools for producing music videos. Whatever happened to extra recess time?

I'm sure that a bunch whiny know-it-all parents are going to raise their righteous heads about how this sends a negative message to kids about healthy eating, blah, blah, blah. Kids are always going to hate vegetables, no matter how much spin Michelle Obama puts on them. Cheetos will always taste better than spinach. Deal with it, Michelle.

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