‘Droidfriend’ Star Wars Gets Bieber’d

Published:11:53 am EDT, August 13, 2012| Updated:12:00 pm EDT, August 13, 2012|

It was only a matter of time before the Star Wars universe sucked Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" into its unstoppable vortex. Or is it the other way around? Nevermind. Bieber's hit song gets an intergalactic tribute when the most annoying droid of them all puts on Bieber's lesbo wig and sings his computerized heart out.

The lyrics are pretty spot on and poke fun at the storyline with verses like:

The wookie tries to fix me, but I know he won't
I'm the droid you're looking for, Ben Kenobi knows
I'll protect you even better than a TaunTaun in the snow

Plus it's got that weird green chick with the funky hat. That's kinda hot, right?

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