Sarcastic Olympic Greeter is Here to Brighten Your Day

Published:10:04 am EDT, July 31, 2012| Updated:10:11 am EDT, July 31, 2012|

The Brits have a sense of humor all their own. It's often a bit dry and might fly over your head if you're not keen to it. This London Games official Olympic greeter is ready to pump up attendees, all while sitting in her chair and riffing off dry humor into her bullhorn. She's incredibly excited about the Olympics, it's just a little difficult to see it.

The east London resident, Rachel Onasanwo applied for a job with the Olympics, hoping for a once in a lifetime experience. That's exactly what she got. The video showcasing her dry humor garnered over a million views in just two days and landed her the title of "Happiest Olympic Worker". Viral stardom and a paycheck just for sitting in a chair and talking to people, not a bad gig.

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