Michelle Jenneke Has a Creeper

Published:9:49 am EDT, July 23, 2012| Updated:10:21 am EDT, July 23, 2012|

Michelle Jenneke could go on to win dozens of gold medals and appear on the Wheaties box from now until the end of time, but to us, she'll always be the incredibly hot girl with the funny pre-race ritual. Since the video of her pre-race ritual went viral last week, parodies of the video have been popping up all over YouTube. The latest features a creeper dude relishing in Michelle's stretches and snapping some camera phone shots. That's right, Michelle, you've got a creeper.

Truth be told, she has about 11 million creepers. What can we say, Michelle, the Internet loves a flexible girl and bad '80s music.

Check out the original video below, with the '80s jam of course.

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