Kate Beckinsale’s Oral Tribute To Melville’s ‘Dick’ Blows Hole in Classic Lit

Published:3:31 pm EDT, July 19, 2012| Updated:3:58 pm EDT, July 19, 2012|

Why does everything sound better with a British accent? This is a proven scientific fact. The video above further supports such a claim as Kate Beckinsale makes even bestiality with a whale sound appealing. Okay, it's still not appealing but it is hilarious. If the word "blowhole" ever stops getting a laugh out of me, I will call this life thing quits and just off myself.

Is it just me or has Jimmy Kimmel been killing it lately? I can't even count on my fingers the number of quality skits he's been producing in the last couple of months. Do you have a favorite?

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