Bromancing the Phone Offers 1800 Chat Line for Lonely Bros

Published:10:18 am EDT, July 18, 2012| Updated:3:41 pm EDT, July 18, 2012|

Your wife's out of town for the night, so you know what that means... guys night, bro! What's that, you don't have any bros to call up and kick it with? Not to worry, you can now get all the bromance you need without ever having to step foot in a sports bar. It's a regular bull session, right over the phone!

Talk about anything:
High school football records
Old McGyver episodes
Hot babes from your workplace
What an idiot your kid's basketball coach is
And more...

There's no reason for you to be missing out on a hot bromance. Bromancing the Phone offers you all the bromance you desire, right from the comfort of your own home. 1800-COOL-BRO: For Dudes, By Dudes. Totally awesome, bro!

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