1990s Fireworks PSA Helps Kids Avoid Danger and Fun

Published:1:03 pm EDT, July 3, 2012| Updated:5:19 pm EDT, July 14, 2012|

I don't even know where to start with this video. First off, we've got the standard safety superhero dubbed, The Preventor who's main superpower seems to be co*k-blocking fun. "Almost all of the serious injuries that happen every year come from illegal fireworks." I don't know where The Preventor is getting his information, but it's clearly some commie propaganda to ruin Independence Day.

Next, we have kids buying black market fireworks from "Three Fingers Steve" (bet you can't guess how he lost those digits) in the alley like it's a drug deal from The Wire. M-80s, bottle rockets, sparklers, all of them will most certainly result in death and destruction according to The Preventor. Play it safe, stay inside and keep playing your Game Boy.

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