Mind Melting Holiday Animations by Treat

Published:7:34 am EDT, December 16, 2011| Updated:8:15 pm EDT, December 16, 2011|

Treat is a group of London animators who set out to turn the dull ho-hum Christmas scenario on its head with a shocking twist. These aren't the holiday cartoons you grew up on, in fact, they're probably closer to what you'd experience if you mixed some PCP in your egg nog. And at under 10 seconds each, you have no excuse for not watching them all.

Tree Killer
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Probably the closest depiction of what the inevitable Christmas tree uprising will look like.

Santa's Workshop
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The fat man gets his just desserts for running that sweat shop he calls a toy factory.

pole dance
Pole Dance
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Santa's about to put some extra treats in your stocking this year and they may just be XXX rated.

Extreme Reindeer
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Rudolph can retire now, his position has been filled by fire breathing Prancer-tron.

carol singers
Metal Carol Singers
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Let's face it, "O'Holy Night" is a bit dated. Needs more thrash metal.

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