The 20 Awesomest Clips of Nick Swardson

Published:7:53 am EDT, October 4, 2011| Updated:1:22 pm EDT, February 15, 2012|

Without a doubt, Nick Swardson is one of the most successful comedy stars working today, crossing over from stand-up to screenwriting and a number of roles under Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company. After getting a huge break just six months into comedy he was invited to HBO's Aspen Comedy festival, which led to his first television appearance in 1998 on Comedy Central's Premium Blend alongside future stars like Dane Cook and Mitch Hedberg.

One of the most appealing things about Nick's humor is the pure silliness of it. He doesn't take himself too seriously and isn't trying to change the way his audience thinks. He's like that friend in school who's only goal was to make you laugh so hard milk came out your nose - only with a movie agent. With his sketch show Nick Swardson's Pretend Time starting back up Oct 5th at 10:30 EST (that's tomorrow) we wanted to wet your appetite for Swardson with some of his funniest clips, and a few new cuts of what to expect this season.

Alien Paternity
Alien Paternity Test
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Who's to say if Zargon blew his space junk into a human woman. After all, the skeezer was giving it up to any green dude that came her way.

Nick Does Coke
A Normal Day in Nick's Life
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You might be thinking that Nick's big-shot Hollywood life is completely different than yours. Not at all, Nick's just a regular guy. Yep, just a regular guy who pimps himself out for his coke habit.

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How can you not love fajitas? They're like a fireworks show and arts and crafts project all in one.

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