The Worst Bike Wipe-Outs

Published:7:34 am EDT, September 29, 2011| Updated:3:54 pm EDT, April 24, 2012|

Admit it: even if you're an avid bicyclist, every time you see a group of spandex-wearing Lance Armstrong wannabes or a bunch of thrill-seeking teenagers with BMX bikes, you secretly wish for a grizzly wipe-out. There's nothing wrong with a little schadenfreude. Well, your wishes have been answered. Below are 16 of the most hilarious, yet cringe-inducing bike wipe-outs ever caught on camera. Be warned, though - if laughing at other people's pain makes you feel like a terrible person, move on to something with kittens.

Downhill Mountain Biker Goes Tree Hugging
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This mountain biker narrowly avoids crashing on a jump...until seconds later.

Bike Meets Building
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I can't tell which broke more bones: the impact or the fall.

Mountain Biker Eats Bark
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Too bad there's no X Games for paralyzed people.

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