The 20 Awesomest Photos Of Darth Vader

Published:7:35 pm EDT, May 4, 2011| Updated:5:45 pm EDT, August 2, 2013|

With today being Star Wars Day, we thought we'd continue to honor the Star Wars nerds out there with a little tribute to the man in black. Darth Vader gets a lot of flack for all that killing Jedis and taking over the universe stuff, but the guy likes to relax in his free time and do things like go fishing and practice the violin, too. So, without further ado, let's take a look at Vader's 20 Awesomest Photos.

Even the King got a little star struck

For only 75 cents a day, the cost of a cup of coffee, you can support a dark lord

It helps him relax and forget about all the rebel scum

After the Death Star was no more the boys had to improvise

A Vader Vacation

It's nice to see the guy can cut loose and enjoy himself once in awhile

Somebody's in for a surprise

"Oh Harry Potter, why couldn't Luke have been more like you?"

"Darth... you are the father!"

Like a boss

There's been Rebel scum throughout history - and Vader was there

This actually seems perfectly appropriate

About to blow the roof off of this Death Star

Only in Japan


"Eat my Galactic dust, losers!"


Vader groupies

Don't ask him to play the score from Return of the Jedi

Vader always admires a nice cloak when he sees one

Sure, he's an intergalactic dark lord, but the guy has normal chores just like everyone else

An Internet classic

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