The 20 Worst Names

Published:7:30 am EDT, April 5, 2011| Updated:5:03 pm EDT, April 5, 2011|

You know, you can go down to the courthouse and file a petition of name change for like fifty bucks. It takes a week or so to go through and then bam! You have a whole new name. I've done it twice, it's no big deal. So why haven't the twenty people in this article changed their amazingly fail names? Lord only knows. I mean really, how are you supposed to ever get a job interview with the name "Jesus Condom"?

Worst Name Chew Kok

I can't imagine that being very comfortable

Worst Name Jed I Knight

Hopefully, this kid will one day be able to use this to his advantage and get laid at Comic Con

Worst Name Gaye Males

Just how open is this open house exactly?

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