The 20 Worst Fast Food Ads

Published:1:40 am EDT, July 6, 2010| Updated:2:06 am EDT, June 23, 2010|

The 20 Worst Fast Food Commercials

People say fast food commercials are subversive and evil, because I guess they have the McDonald’s logo and Skeletor confused.  The average fast food ad is just a utilitarian way of making you remember a restaurant name and its products, supplanting the need for a thousand-foot-tall billboard saying “McDonald’s Big Mac I’m Lovin It” - and those are the more intelligent ones.  Some, as I’m about to show you, are just plain retarded.

A lot of these ads aren’t from the U.S., so some people might accuse me of ethnocentrism.  I think I’m being multicultural by mocking my country’s crap alongside other countries’.

I said something critical about the Chinese government and they threw me in jail without a trial – or delicious chicken.  Help me KFC!

If your jingle is so un-catchy that it needs to repeat the restaurant name a hundred times just so people remember it, fire your jingle-writing team.

Some people say McDonald’s specifically targets African Americans.  I say this ad proves otherwise – no self-respecting black man would be caught dead watching this crap.

Okay, the girl is hot, but that’s a given these days.  Her outfit looks like what a succubus would wear at a construction site.

Star Trek: A movie about lasers and futuristic fonts.  Coming soon to a theater near you.

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