The 20 Worst Video Game Box Covers

Published:12:00 am EDT, April 6, 2010| Updated:1:01 pm EDT, May 10, 2010|

Bad Cat Game Art

This is just a little too intense for me. I'm not scared of gang members, but I'm frankly terrified of Bad Cat. Have you ever tried to negotiate with a cat? They have no mercy.

Street Warrior Game Art

Okay, dudes? There's a reason that tough guys don't wear tight pants. You could seriously Photoshop the title of this game to be "Street Cuddler" and it'd be just as believable, if not more so.

Crackdown Box Art

This just reminds me of those movie posters from Ghana where some dude puts all of the exciting parts together in one huge scene. These dudes look intense, even for dudes holding machine guns.

Mega Man Game Art

And we'll close with this. Capcom's Mega Man games are one of the most beloved franchises in the medium, but man was this cover amazing. Our lovable boy robot is morphed into an old man in a weird jumpsuit holding a Desert Eagle, and you are his target.

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