Man Up! Best Links For Monday, April 12th

Published:2:20 pm EDT, April 12, 2010| Updated:4:24 pm EDT, April 14, 2010|

Heidi Montag went out in public in a bikini, Chris Rock comments on the Letterman scandal and when your idiotic buddy lights his crotch on fire, you need to stomp it out! Click away.

11 Most Inappropriate Kids Toys - [Ranker]

8 Great Quentin Tarantino Mashups - [UnrealityMag]

22 Best Moments in Celebrity Butt Mining - [Manofest]

Odd/Creepy Model Poses - [TheChive]

Awkward Volleyball Teammate Butt Grab - [DoubleViking]

Heidi Montag in a Bikini - [DonChavez]

Husband Slaps Wife During Wedding Dance - [RegretfulMorning]

Don't Turn Your Back on the Riot Police - [BustedCoverage]

7 Random TV Crossovers - [Guyism]

When a Slam Dunk Goes Wrong - [Eatmyshorts]

Brooklyn Decker's 23rd Birthday Tribute - [BroBible]

Chris Rock on Letterman's Sex Scandal - [TopCultured]

Stomp the Crotch Fire - [I-Am-Bored]

Lady Gaga's FHM Germany Photoshoot - [TotallyCrap]

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