Man Up! Best Links of Thursday, April 15th

Published:3:19 pm EDT, April 15, 2010| Updated:3:19 pm EDT, April 15, 2010|

What happens when you mash up the muppets with The Godfather? Or when you put a bunch of bikini chicks in a boxing ring with water balloons? Find out that and more awesomeness in these links.

Kid's Show Mashups With R-Rated Movies - [UnrealityMag]

25 Sexiest TV Guide Covers - [Manofest]

Amazing Bikini Girl Waterfight - [theCHIVE]

Shortest Jean Shorts Ever - [DoubleViking]

Female Cast of Entourage - [DonChavez]

9 Types of People You Meet at a Casino - [Guyism]

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Highlight - [BigSmudge]

Divorce Court Obscure Kid's Names - [EatMyShorts]

Songs We Absolutely Love to Hate - [BroBible]

Best Cooking Show Ever - [TopCultured]

Destroy the Vilalge Flash Game - [I-Am-Bored]

Old Lady With an Old Gun Fail - [TotallyCrap]

BASE Jumping Accident - [AfroJacks]

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