Man Up! Best Links For Monday, April 26

Published:5:17 pm EDT, April 26, 2010| Updated:5:17 pm EDT, April 26, 2010|

A giant mascot bear terrorizes citizens at a local mall. A dumb kid gets chased by an ostrich. Watch a dumb high school kid lay the smackdown on an unsuspecting dude. And see what TV shows are like when you can see the green screen.

Hysterical Mascot Prank Video (Must See) - [EatMyShorts]

25 Funny Fake Video Game Covers - [Manofest]

Kid On a Pony Chased By an Ostrich - [TotallyCrap]

Magic of Sesame Street Revealed - [UnrealityMag]

The Hottest Weather Presenter Ever - [Guyism]

Heidi Montag's Many Enhancements - [theCHIVE]

Hot Surfer Girl Pictures - [TopCultured]

It's Bikini Season! - [DoubleViking]

Adrienne Curry's Hot Twit Pics - [DonChavez]

High School Aggression - [RegretfulMorning]

Amazing Hot Chick Gallery - [BustedCoverage]

Kid On a Pony Chased By an Ostrich - [TotallyCrap]

TV Shows Without Green Screen - [SupeTremendous]

Rockstars Over 6 Feet Tall - [AfroJacks]

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