Conan O’Brien Covers Radiohead’s Creep

Published:5:46 pm EDT, April 14, 2010| Updated:5:46 pm EDT, April 14, 2010|

In an effort to advance his awesomeness, Conan O'Brien covered Radiohead's Creep before his show in Eugene Oregon during his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour. This video was taken at soundcheck and not the live show but it definitely had the potential to be the headline.

The sound isn't excellent, so if you want to sing along, we translated some of his improved lyrics below:

0:45 - "My accent's not even realistic! Nobody talks this way..."

1:00-1:43 - random moaning, screaming and pelvic thrusting

1:55 -"Dis accent's insulting... to actors like Hugh Laurie. Who are gonna hear it and think I'm a creep..."

2:14 - "Do you think I'm a weirdo? Dame Judi Dench is gonna punch me in throat! I'm gonna get bitch slapped by Helen Mirren" (2x)

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