The 20 Worst Bootlegs

Published:1:03 pm EDT, March 2, 2010| Updated:1:10 pm EDT, May 10, 2010|

The 20 Worst BootlegsIf there's one thing I love, it's a hilarious bootleg - when people who maybe aren't as brand savvy (or as English savvy) as you or I try to make a quick buck off of a licensed property, fun times are guaranteed. In this feature, I'll share 20 of the worst knock-offs I've ever seen. Your money is no good here, man - it's all about the laughs.

Adadis Bootleg

The brand typo is a common move for bootleggers, so they can claim that they're not totally stealing, just sort of. I love this "Adadis" gym bag - you're sure to get lots of locker room props rocking this baby.

Super Bat Bootleg

It's great that this "Super Bat" hero has "non-fall action." Busting the Joker is a lot tougher if you keep taking headers off of your cartoonishly huge skateboard. Excuse me, bat-board.

Batman Origin Bootleg

Speaking of Batman, this bootleg box for Batman Begins has some of the most awesome spoilers of all time.

50 Fist Dates Bootleg

If Adam Sandler had punched Drew Barrymore 50 times, this would have been a much better movie.

Black Simpsons Bootleg

Black Bart Simpson bootlegs were a huge thing in the 1990s, for some as yet unexplained reason. And it only took Fox 20 years to get The Cleveland Show on the air.

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