The 20 Worst Tattoo Typos

Published:12:00 am EDT, January 12, 2010| Updated:6:53 pm EDT, October 16, 2012|

The 20 Worst Tattoo TyposTattoos are forever - or at least forever minus the input of lasers. So if you're getting inked, you'd think that it'd be wise to run a spellcheck on your body art. The twenty morons in this post, however, skipped that step. Here's my favorite awful tattoo typos of all time.

Chi-Tonw Tattoo Typo

Illinois I can see misspelling. But "town?"

Juge Me Tattoo Typo

God is juge, jurey and xecutioner.

Choise Tattoo Typo

And you chose to be a douchebag. Nice.

Else Tattoo Typo

No, everyone else doesn't spell it "elese."

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