Kanye West: Good Night Sweet Prince

Published:9:10 am EDT, October 21, 2009| Updated:12:01 pm EDT, May 5, 2010|

Look, we're not saying Kanye is actually dead, we're just saying that it's pretty odd that he hasnt addressed the allegations of his death. His death is blowing all over the Twitter-sphere, and Google trends seems to think that "RIP Kanye West" is "volcanic". I don't exactly know what that means, but it seemed important.

The fun, as per usual, all stemmed from 4chan. Occasionally those idiots get something right, and when someone posted the below image on 4chan, the hoax was off. Twitter, predictably, immediately tied itself up in knots, mispelled everything, and then was distracted by a pretty picture their friend sent them.

As far as we know, Kanye is not dead. That's not to say we wouldn't mind it if he just weren't around anymore.

Please note: the below image contained an objectionale moniker that 4chan users refer to each other as. I blacked it out. Protecting your eyes since 1999.


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