Danny Vega

  1. Ghash.io Nearly Ruins Bitcoin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Bitcoin nearly eats the dust as a mining pool almost takes over the network.

    January 9, 2014
  2. Best Electronics for 2014: Top 10 Gadgets You Need to Know

    All the gadgets you need to get you through another year.

    January 8, 2014
  3. Coinye West: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    A Bitcoin clone that’s jacking the Kanye name and brand, but can it be crushed by Kanye’s lawyers? Nah.

    January 8, 2014
  4. Man Kills Stepfather With Atomic Wedgie

    An atomic wedgie occurs when the undergarments are pulled so far up from behind the victim, they go over the victim’s head.

    January 8, 2014
  5. Top 5 Best Earbuds for 2014

    From the chic to the maximally functional, these are best earbuds for the new year.

    January 8, 2014
  6. The Top 10 Best iPhone Accessories for 2014

    “5. Panasonic Earbuds For That Affordable, Inconspicuous Bass Solution”

    January 8, 2014
  7. #ThingsThatOffendLiberals Trends on Twitter: Top 10 Tweets

    Some are funny, some are offensive, but they’re all interesting.

    January 7, 2014
  8. US Cop Stops Speeding German, Warns That His Butt ‘Could Be Hurting for a Month’

    A US police officer stops a German tourist and has some harsh words for “Germany boy.”

    January 7, 2014
  9. Man Wants to Sell German Restaurant to Help Employee With Brain Cancer

    A touching deed for an employee in need.

    January 7, 2014