Daniel Horowitz

  1. A Game Of Trends: Yahoo Now Ranking Over Google

    Like the Lannisters over the Starks, Yahoo has pulled ahead of Google as the number one force to be reckoned with on the Internet.

    August 22, 2013
  2. LEAK: Marvel Studios’ Agent Carter Short Film

    Check out the lasted leaked short film from Marvel Studios, starring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.

    August 20, 2013
  3. LEAK: Exclusive Thor 2 Footage

    Take a look at the latest footage from the upcoming ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Marvel film.

    August 20, 2013
  4. Fable Heroes: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need To See

    Check out the latest trailers and gameplay videos for Microsoft Studios’ Fable Legends.

    August 20, 2013
  5. Two Distinct ‘Killer Instinct 3′ Bundles for Xbox One Announced

    Check out the two newly revealed game packs for Killer Instinct 3!

    August 20, 2013
  6. Xbox One Launch Titles: A Comprehensive Guide

    Check out all the trailers and gameplay videos for the recently released list of Xbox One launch titles.

    August 20, 2013
  7. Candy Crush Game Cheats: Top 10 Hardest Levels You Need to Know [VIDEO]

    Take a look at these comprehensive video guides on how to beat the top ten most difficult stages in Candy Crush Saga.

    August 16, 2013
  8. Iron Man 3 Gets A Deleted Scene With Ben Kingsley [VIDEO]

    Check out this deleted scene from Iron Man 3, showing off Ben Kingsley’s penchant for ridiculous accents.

    August 16, 2013
  9. Plants vs. Zombies 2 Premiere: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

    We attended the premiere of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Check out what we thought!

    August 16, 2013
  10. Candy Crush Saga: 30 Photos of Candy Crush Fails

    Check out the top 30 worst fails in Candy Crush Saga!

    August 16, 2013