The 5 Hottest Videos of Mila Kunis

Published:9:41 am EDT, June 27, 2013| Updated:10:24 am EDT, July 1, 2013|

Mila Kunis

From Black Swan to Friends With Benefits, Mila Kunis shows us how she matured into the "Sexiest Woman Alive." Watch - and learn.

1. Esquire Photoshoot (2010)

Last year, Esquire crowned Mila Kunis the "Sexiest Woman Alive." We can see why. You're allowed to peek within reason, as long as Mila exercises her right to shimmy in a LBD (that's "little black dress").

2. Stuff Magazine Photoshoot (2010)

Watch this photoshoot brought to you by Maxim's Stuff Magazine. Mila does all sorts of "stuff" in it. (Get it?)

3. GQ Photoshoot (2011)

Smelling a flower, biting a shirt and riding an inflatable ducky seem like activities that would make anyone look dorky. It would only take someone extra sexy to justify these actions, and that "it" would be Mila Kunis.

4. Harper Bazaar Photoshoot (2012)

If you like a mix of innocuous and badass Mila Kunis, then you'll appreciate a photshoot where she eats cotton candy, rides a carousel - and sports a low-plunging neckline.

5. Allure Photoshoot (2013)

Check out Mila in this 60s-inspired Allure photoshoot. Take note: one major 60s trend was the minidress.

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