The 5 Hottest Videos of Kate Upton

Published:8:10 am EDT, June 19, 2013| Updated:4:45 pm EDT, August 12, 2013|

Kate Upton

Kate Upton may have stimulated her own legacy as a Sports Illustrated cover model, but her blue eyes and, um, other striking features are what really stop traffic - or you know, save lives.

1. Cat Daddy 2012

Leave it to Kate to manipulate her resiliency (pun intended) and bounce around to do the Cat Daddy. What a trouper! (Noone's complaining).

2. Vogue Germany ("It Had To Be You")

Here's Kate convorting with some lucky duck (whether we meant that in the literal sense is for you to find out). Did we mention she makes a splash - all dressed (or undressed) in white?

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3. GQ Photoshoot (2012)

If you enjoyed the previous video, then you'll definitely thank us for this one. Kate also seems to enjoy her presence in this video - and licks a popsicle while doing so.

4. Esquire Photoshoot (2012)

If you're craving the VIP treatment, then savour Kate's Esquire photoshoot and watch her slow, gentle stripdown - the most luxurious stripdown we have ever seen.

5. Yu Tsai Photoshoot (2012)

We probably can't pronounce Yu Tsai's name correctly, but we don't mind Kate Upton rolling around comfortable in her skin - so whatever.

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