The Hottest Weather Girls Across the Globe

Published:12:42 pm EDT, September 13, 2012| Updated:6:11 pm EDT, September 13, 2012|

Let's be honest, the only people who enjoy getting their weather from Al Roker are over-the-hill housewives. The rest of us (or men at least) would much rather prefer to learn about that approaching hurricane from a cute chick in a mini-skirt. They may not have the weather knowledge of a NWS scientist, but they sure as hell know how to rock a tube top in front of a green screen, and isn't that what's really important?

Mayte Carranco - Mexico

mayte carranco
Mayte Carranco
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Evelyn Taft - USA

evelyn taft
Evelyn Taft
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Sian Welby - UK

sian welby
Sian Welby
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Gaál Noémi - Hungary

Gaál Noémi
Gaál Noémi
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Zelenny Ibarra - Mexico
zelenny ibarra mexico

Zelenny Ibarra
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