10 Things We <3 About Chicks In Lingerie

Published:6:27 am EDT, October 1, 2010| Updated:3:57 pm EDT, October 1, 2010|

10 Things We Love About Chicks In Lingerie

Is there anything more spectacular than a girl's naked body? And don't try to tell me about Yellowstone National Park or a luminescent jellyfish or crap like that, I don't want to hear it. But as much as we love female nudity, there's no argument that some well-chosen lingerie can make a hot girl even hotter. In this feature, 10 things we love about ladies in fancy undergarments, courtesy of the sexy Cinemax series Lingerie, returning Fridays after dark.. Try to keep up, won't you?


10. Babydolls

First popularized in the 1956 flick of the same name, these short camisoles have some powerfully effective underthing mojo. While the era of the full-length cami has come and gone, the abbreviated version had a second boost of popularity in the 90s when riot grrrls realized that they could look hot in them without pandering to the patriarchy or something.

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