The 20 Hottest Girls Of Teen Movies

Published:8:15 am EDT, September 8, 2010| Updated:1:09 pm EDT, March 7, 2011|

The 20 Hottest Girls Of Teen Movies

The Virginity Hit drops this week, and I figured it'd be sweet to take a dive back through cinema history and give props to the hottest girls in the history of teen movies. Yes, I know, this might be a little To Catch A Predator, but most of these actresses are just playing highschoolers, not actually ones, so it's cool, right? Let's get to the ladies.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana played the romantic lead in 2002's underrated Drumline, co-starring Nick Cannon. Nick went on to marry Mariah Carey, a 40 year old woman who basically dresses like a high school sophomore, so obviously something must have stuck.

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