The 20 Hottest Girls In Jeans And A Bra

Published:8:35 am EDT, September 23, 2010| Updated:3:17 pm EDT, September 22, 2010|

The 20 Hottest Girls In Jeans And A Bra

Jeans and a bra doesn't seem like the hottest thing a girl could wear. Wouldn't it easily be hotter if she took off the jeans and was just wearing her underwear? And who wears jeans and a bra anyway? But that's exactly the point: this is an outfit that says either "I'm getting dressed" or even better, "I'm getting undressed," and we think those are both pretty hot. So let your imaginations run wild, and enjoy the 20 Hottest Girls in Jeans and a Bra.

gisele bundchen jeans and a bra

We'll start things off by letting a professional show us how it's done. Of course, when you're a Victoria's Secret Angel like Gisele Bundchen you probably can't even tell the difference between a bra and a top anymore.

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