The 20 Hottest Girls Of Horror

Published:8:11 am EDT, August 30, 2010| Updated:1:19 pm EDT, March 7, 2011|

The 20 Hottest Girls Of Horror

So The Last Exorcism followed up Piranha 3-D to make a double play of excellent horror at the end of August. We decided to celebrate the only way we know how - with scantily clad ladies. What's the common thread in horror movies, besides people getting murderized? Hot girls, of course. Sex and violence prime the deepest roots of our brain, so it's natural they'd go together well. In this gallery, 20 of the most bodacious babes to ever star in horror flicks.

Kelly Brook

Let's lead with the bodacious Kelly Brook, who lit up the screen (and made it a little redder) in Piranha 3-D the same month she was announced as a Playboy cover model. That's two things to cross off your bucket list.

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