The 20 Hottest Flight Attendants

Published:8:40 am EDT, August 31, 2010| Updated:8:21 pm EDT, June 16, 2011|

The 20 Hottest Flight Attendants

It's a little known fact, that just two weeks after the Wright brothers took their first flight, Orville's girlfriend became the first flight attendant, opening the floodgates for sexy women to take to the skies. Okay, not really,but amid long check-in lines, full cavity searches at security, crying babies and $3 bags of pretzels, theses lovely ladies offer a glimpse of sexy relief for sore eyes. And who knows, maybe with the right charm you'll be lucky enough to join that mile high club in the sky. Buckle up, Heavy readers and enjoy.

"Welcome aboard, please take your seat and feel free to daydream about fantasies that will never happen with me during the safety announcements."

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