The 20 Hottest Photos Of Jessica Biel

Published:9:57 am EDT, June 7, 2010| Updated:1:58 pm EDT, March 7, 2011|

The 20 Hottest Pictures Of Jessica Biel

Hey,The A-Team comes out this Friday. And do you know who's in that movie? Jessica Biel is in that movie. And do you know what else there is to know about Jessica Biel? She's insanely hot, that's what else to know. The former 7th Heaven star and current Justin Timberlake flame is one of the foxiest actresses in Hollywood, so we decided to share twenty of our favorite shots of her amazing body.

Jessica Biel Swimsuit

I'll just leave this here. While some could criticize this image (maybe too much bronzer?), those who would do so have lost touch of the important things in life: boners.

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