Miss USA 2010 Scandal Pictures

Published:11:53 am EDT, May 11, 2010| Updated:3:57 pm EDT, May 11, 2010|

The Miss USA 2010 competition is taking place on May 16th and is promising to bring the hottest contestants ever. To ramp up excitement for the event, the organization released some sexy black and white photos of the girls that some consider too racy. We consider them too awesome.

The controversy arose due to the provocative positions the girls were in as well as that some of the photos featured the girls lying on a bed. But here's the deal. These aren't worse than anything you'd find in a Victoria's Secret ad (and it's definitely not as bad as Lady Gaga's new cover art), so why the freakout? It's probably genius on the part of the organization to create the controversy to generate more attention (well done).

So without further ado, here are the hot Miss USA 2010 pictures everyone's raving about:

Miss Alabama 2010 lingerie pic

Audrey Moore from Auburn University is Miss Alabama

Miss Arkansas 2010 lingerie pictures

Adrielle Churchhill is Miss Arkansas

Miss Florida 2010 lingerie shoot

Megan Clementi (Orlando Magic Dancer) is Miss Florida

Miss Hawaii 2010 lingerie pics

Renee Mokihana Nobriga is Miss Hawaii

Miss Illinois 2010 lingerie shoot

Ashley Bradarich is Miss Illinois

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