SHARK RESCUE: Man Drags Razor Toothed Beast Back to the Sea

Published:3:49 pm EDT, October 18, 2012| Updated:10:58 am EDT, October 26, 2012|

Saving a beached dolphin or whale is one thing. That's the kinda stuff that makes girls get all mushy and elicit an "awwww" with every retelling of the story. A shark on the other hand, that's the sort of feat that gets you a high five from Chuck Norris.

And drag a live shark back to the ocean is exactly what this guy on New Zealand's Ninety Mile Beach did. A young great white had washed ashore and was stuck on the beach, surely facing a long death if not for this badass who grabbed the shark by its tail and dragged it back to the breaking waves.

Via Mandatory

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