Ohio State Marching Band Proves Why They’re The Best in the World

Published:6:28 pm EDT, October 7, 2012| Updated:1:19 pm EDT, October 13, 2012|

If you haven't been paying attention to Ohio State's Marching Band, then you've been missing out on some cutting edge halftime performances. Just a couple of weeks ago, the contingent played a fantastic rendition of South Korean pop-star Psy's mega-hit, Gangnam-Style.

But, not one to be satisfied with last week's performance, OSUMB raised the bar even further this weekend with a superbly choreographed ode to my favorite, and, probably yours too, pastime: video games.

From Space Invaders to Super Mario, the team hit all the right notes, and left the audience standing on their feet for what might be one of the most enjoyable halftime spectacles so far this year.

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