The 5 Hottest Videos of Jessica White

Published:10:59 am EDT, December 3, 2013| Updated:10:58 am EDT, December 4, 2013|

Jessica White Tyra Banks typecasted Jessica White as "the model of her generation." With shoots in Vogue, Sports Illustrated and Maxim, Tyra may just be right. See why below!

5. "In Bed With Jessica White" (2011)

This is actually the title Maxim provided for the YouTube video of this shoot. 'Nuff said. Oh wait, Jessica White's on the floor as well...

4. Jessica White in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (2011)

Here, Jessica bares some skin and tattoos - all while simultaneously covering herself with water and sand. It's magical...

3. Jessica White Unhooks Her Bikini in SI Swimsuit (2010)

Jessica pulls a Tyra (Banks), emulating her famous hair and curves in this older shoot for Sports Illustrated.

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2. Jessica Bodypainted for Sports Illustrated (2009)

Finally, we get Jessica White naked! Well, technically - but you can't see it, because her body paint disguises the nudity. But, the progressive washing of her body paint in the water and sand leaves enough to the imagination...

1. Jessica White Looking White Hot in Giant Mag Shoot (2009)

Here, Jessica tries on different swimsuits for the likes of Giant Magazine - and the rest of us.

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