The 5 Hottest Videos of Carissa Rosario

Published:7:14 pm EDT, December 8, 2013| Updated:7:15 pm EDT, December 9, 2013|

Carissa Rosario You may recognize Carissa Rosario chillin' with P.Diddy in that Burger King commercial, or perhaps you haven't missed her countless cameos in Maxim, GQ and FHM. Well, thanks to us, you can get one big video dose of Carissa below!

5. Carissa Rosario in Maxim Espanol (2013)

Carissa Rosario gets in touch with her Latina roots during an shoot with Maxim's international Spanish edition. It's all about the sex appeal...

4. Carissa Shoots with Maxim UK (2010)

Carissa Rosario likes to get on top of things - including the hood of your car...

3. Carissa Rosario in GQ South Africa (2012)

In this shoot, Carissa makes like a mechanic and dominatrix: a winning recipe for the perfect housewife.

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2. Carissa Causes a "Rukus" For Magazine Shoot (2010)

In a shoot for RUKUS, Carissa Rosario drives her body on the road. Proceed with caution, because we can guarantee the dangerous curves ahead.

1. Carissa Rosario Works The Street And House in FHM Shoot (2011)

Carissa walks the walk and talks the talk in this considerably tame shoot for FHM. But, her implied look compensates for all her overdressed shots.

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