The 5 Hottest Videos of Paris Hilton

Published:12:35 am EDT, September 4, 2013| Updated:3:37 pm EDT, September 4, 2013|

Forget those dumb blonde jokes and her leaked sex tape! One glaring reason Paris Hilton is famous is that she's white hot! Observe evidence below.

5. Paris Hilton Flaunts Assets in 944 Magazine Cover Shoot (2010)

Paris shows off her physique in undergarments. It's the form that counts, people. Remember that.

4. Paris Hilton Wears Gold — And Not Much Else (2010)

Paris Hilton must've struck gold, posing with a bevy of men and pouring out the liquid contents of a gold can. We don't like the sound of that, but we definitely approve of its sight.

3. Paris Hilton Makes Our Dreams Come True in Her 'Fairy Dust' Perfume Shoot (2008)

Here, Paris twinkles sugar, spice and everything nice in fairy mode for her perfume brand "Fairy Dust." If she blew some fairy dust on you, what kind of wish would you make?

2. Paris Hilton Sits on a Car for Maxim (2008)

Thanks to Paris (and Maxim), lying on a car never looked so enticing...

1. Paris Hilton Converts Into A Naughty Secretary for FHM (2012)

Paris Hilton lounges around domestically in her business attire and lingerie. Hey, who said both weren't synonmous?

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