Get a Preview of What to Expect From Miss Universe 2012

Published:7:17 pm EDT, December 19, 2012| Updated:7:17 pm EDT, December 19, 2012|

Which bikini clad beauty will be chosen to rule over all the universe? Miss Bermuda? Miss France? Miss Chile perhaps? It's the eve of the big pageant and while only one beauty queen can walk away with the crown, they're all winners in our dirty minds.

Miss Universe Watch Now
Holiday Wishes From the Miss Universe Contestants

Happy holidays from some of the hottest girls who probably don't even speak English. Thankfully, the language barrier isn't an issue when it comes to bikinis.

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Miss Universe Bikini Round-Up

The title pretty much says what you can expect with this one - bikini rundown from across the globe.

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Miss Universe Contestants Hotel Prank

Hot girls from around the world waiting to surprise you in your hotel room? Sounds more like a dream come true than practical joke.

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