AskMen Rolls Out Their List of the 99 Most Desirable Women of 2013

Published:4:41 pm EDT, December 11, 2012| Updated:4:41 pm EDT, December 11, 2012|

The men over at AskMen have rolled out their list of the 99 most desirable women of 2013. How did they come to such a conclusion of just who would be the top feme fatale next year, tarot cards, fortune tellers, magic 8 ball?

ask men top 99

Actually, they used a reader poll, profiling some of the long popular women alongside up-and-comers on beauty, brains, ambition and charm. No beer pong skill category???

Bond girl Berenice Marlohe holds the #99 spot...
Berenice Marlohe

...and Mila Kunis holds the #2 spot. Check out who takes top honors at AskMen
mila kunis

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