Top Girls Videos of the Week: Olympics Edition

Published:6:51 pm EDT, August 3, 2012| Updated:6:00 pm EDT, August 10, 2012|
shay mitchell
Pretty Little Liar Shay Mitchell
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Shay Mitchell plays lesbian teen Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. Complex Magazine used this premise as the opportunity to pry Shay for some of her darkest secrets and desires. Genius!

Ivet Lalova
Sprinter Ivet Lalova Demonstrates How to Start a Race
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Bulgarian athlete Ivet Lalova demonstrates how to start a race. Never thought that watching the Olympics would be followed by locking the bedroom door for a quick five.

melanie-iglesias with hula hoop
Melanie Iglesias Shows What Hips Are Meant For
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"Hey, haven't you guys given us a few Melanie Iglesias videos before?" Yes, but in this one she's got a hula hoop. Sot it's totally different.

Anatasia Ashley
Anastasia Ashley's Slow Motion Workout
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We have no idea what your workout routine is, nor do we really care. That being said, we're fairly confident that it's not nearly as entertaining as pro surfer Anastasia Ashley's.

kim glass
Kim Glass, Bruna Schmitz and Leryn Franco Strip for SI
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Sports Illustrated got three world athletes to grace the pages of the 2011 Swimsuit issue. Volleyball player Kim Glass, surfer Bruna Schmitz and sexy javelin thrower Leryn Franco were the chosen ones.

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