Wife-beater Jason Kidd Busted for DUI as Friend Scores Assist

Published:4:32 pm EDT, July 15, 2012| Updated:6:17 pm EDT, July 15, 2012|

What a shocker that all-around good guy and NBA Champion Jason Kidd was busted for DUI this morning after he was carried out of a club.

First of all, who is the f**ktard(s) who helped him to his car and let him turn the key? Friends don't let friends drive drunk? How about friends don't dish a drunk-driving assist to friends so they can drive drunk? They'll claim they tried to stop him, but they deserve a mention in the stat sheet.

Secondly, is anyone surprised Kidd is secretly a reckless dickhead? Have we forgotten that this sweet-smiling ballhandler has another black mark on his criminal record? Wife-beater, to be exact. And we don't mean the garment you wear on the weekend:

That was a decade ago. But his drunken crash and arrest were this morning. Just the kind of veteran leadership the Knicks needed, right? Are they sure they want to let Lin walk?

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