Kim Kardashian Childhood Photo Shows Chubby Ugly Duckling

Published:6:48 pm EDT, July 13, 2012| Updated:4:20 pm EDT, July 15, 2012|

Via RadarOnline

A just-released photo from the ex-nanny of the Kardashian girls will have you doing a double-take to figure out which one is Kim.

Let's see ... the tall one on the right is Khloe, the little one in the middle is Kourtney, so that leaves, huh? No way that's Kim on the left. But oh, yes. That's what Kimmy looked like before the world's best scientists engineered her into the smoking hot piece of plastic you see today.

Get a load of this sweet, normal, chubby, downright plain-looking girl. Is she still in there somewhere or did the scientists dispose of her soul?

More photos at RadarOnline.

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