The 10 Awesomest Holiday Gifts Ever

Published:7:35 am EDT, December 16, 2010| Updated:12:38 pm EDT, April 10, 2014|

Nothing wrong with having Black Ops or a new mountain bike at the top of your holiday wish list this year, but I feel it's necessary to inform our Heavy readers on what they're missing out on. Okay, I'll admit most of these items aren't even out on the market. Still, that doesn't mean we can't daydream about the awesome gifts technology has in store for future holiday seasons.

Water Fueled Jet Pack

Since we haven't gotten the jet packs promised to us from childhood movies just yet, this appears to be the next best thing. It's only $128,000 and sure to garner you more attention at the lake than a new bass boat.

Jet Turbine RC Plane

I was thoroughly impressed as a 10 yr-old when I saw my neighbor flying his remote controlled helicopter a whopping 50 feet off the ground. Man, how sheltered I was. This speed deomon comes with an actual turbine jet engine that might raise a few eyebrows with the local air traffic control.

Flying Machine Gun Boat

CNN recently revealed footage of Iran's new squadron of machine gun equipped flying boats. It's hard to say how effective these vessels of destruction are or if they'll see much use, but this is the kind of stuff you see in James Bond films. All that's missing is a tuxedo and martini.

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