The 20 Hottest Girls Of The 1960s

Published:6:56 am EDT, July 23, 2010| Updated:1:36 pm EDT, March 7, 2011|

The 20 Hottest Girls Of The 1960s

As you're no doubt aware, Season 4 of Mad Men premieres this Sunday. One of the best things about the show (and there are a lot of good things about the show) is how it's brought old-school hotness back to the fore - in the days when women didn't have to dress like barely legal Ukranian prostitutes to be considered hot. In tribute to those long-gone days, we get in the Wayback Machine and present the 20 Hottest Girls of the 1960s.

Ursula Andress

James Bond was one of the male icons of the 60s, and Ursula Andress was one of the most iconic Bond girls of all time. As Honey Ryder in Dr. No, she captivated the nation rising out of the ocean in a (for the time) shockingly revealing white bikini. The Switzerland-born actress went on to star in a number of movies, including Clash Of The Titans.

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